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LST Submission to the Constitutional Reforms 2016



ESCR Newsletter Issue 16 (September 2015)[English]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 15 (August 2015)[English]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 14 (July 2015)[English]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 13 (March 2015)[English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 12 (December 2014)[English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 11 (October 2014)[English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 10 (August 2014)[English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 9 (May 2014) [English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 8 (December 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Supplement: Extracts of the Speech by Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sri Lanka, 31st August 2013 [Sinhala, Tamil and English]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 7 (September 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 6 (June 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Issue 5 (March 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 4 (December 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 (September 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 (June 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ESCR Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 (March 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

HRiC Newsletter Issue 1 (January/ April 2014)[English][Sinhala]


Briefing Papers/ Position Papers


Position Paper - Post War Development in Sri Lanka: Rights, Responsibilities and Disjunctures [English][Sinhala][Tamil]

ACDN Briefing Paper No.6: Social Security for Farmers, Fishermen and Plantation Workers (December 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ACDN Briefing Paper No.5: Borrowing to Develop?:Sri Lanka's debt and its Impact on Education and Health (August 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ACDN Briefing Paper No 4: Budget 2013 (January 2013) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ACDN Briefing Paper No 3: Budget 2013 - Citizens' Proposals (September 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ACDN Briefing Paper Paper No.2: Budget 2011 (April 2012) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

ACDN Briefing Paper No. 1: Budget 2011 (October 2011) [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

Managing the Process of Globalization for the Protection of the Environment and Enhanced Sustainability, Briefing Paper No 4 - March 2003 [English]


LST Review Summaries


LST Review - Vol. 25, Issue 327 & 328 January & February 2015 - Perspectives on the Aluthgama Incident

LST Review - Vol. 25, Issue 329 & 330 March & April 2015 - Tribute to RKW Goonesekere

LST Review - Vol. 25, Issue 331 May 2015 - Truth, Memory and Justice in Post-Conflict Transition and Reconciliation




Proposed Amendments to the Declaration of Assets and Liabilities

Confronting the Complexity of Loss: Perspectives on Truth, Memory & Justice in Sri Lanka by Gehan Gunatilleke [English]

Where have all the Neighbours gone? Aluthgama Riots and its Aftermath: A Fact finding mission to Aluthgama, Dharga Town, Valipanna and Beruwala [English][Sinhala]

ANNI : Sri Lanka Final Report 2014


Introducing the writ of Amparo in SL as an alternative to the writ of Habeas Corpus(2013) [English] [Sinhala]

Reducing the rule of law to rule by politics(2013) [English]

Touch of Rights(2013) [English]

International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families (2010) [Sinhala][Tamil]

Concluding Observations of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (November 2010) [Sinhala] [Tamil]

Post-War Context and Issues for Language Rights in Sri Lanka (October 2010)

Know Your Rights - 2010 [English] [Tamil] [Sinhala]

Concluding Observations of the Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families (October 2009 [Sinhala] [Tamil] [English]

1998 UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (2008) [Sinhala] [Tamil]

A General Overview of the Prison System in Sri Lanka since Independence

Paris Principles relating to the status of national institutions (1993) [Sinhala] [Tamil] [English]

Declaration on Right to Development (1986) [Sinhala] [Tamil]




Kalpitiya: Development and Rights Video

Video Advocacy: 'Mega-Development Projects in Hambantota: In Whose Interest?'[English] [TamilVideo


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